Rehearsal Notes from 11/7

Dear Youth Ensemble Families,

We will be posting weekly rehearsal notes from directors. Please make sure to share these posts with students, especially when they are specific practice suggestions. This week, we have posts from Mr. Nix to the Youth Ensembles Symphony and from Mrs. Mihalko to Concert Orchestra:

Youth Ensembles Symphony Notes from Mr. Nix

  • March of the Boyars: Spend lots of time working on intonation in March of the Boyars. Know your key signatures, when they change, and watch out for accidentals. Percussion: watch your tempo (don’t speed up/rush!).
  • Overture to the Dream of Scipione: Pay careful attention to dynamics in this piece. Know when crescendos start/stop, and when decrescendos start/stop. Strings: watch out for accidentals.
  • Vienna Woods: Be aware of the many tempo changes in the piece. They happen frequently, and need to be practiced.
  • String players: Work towards legato bow style in Arioso – never make a phrase sound choppy, and never let your sound be harsh or scratchy. Make sure to play with dynamic contrast to keep the listener entertained.

-Mr. Nix

Hello Concert Orchestra Students & Parents!

Last night’s rehearsal went really well. Our first “Bring a Buddy” event was a lot of fun. Thank you to those of you who brought a buddy with you to rehearsal. Those who joined us last night are welcome to join our ensemble for the spring semester without an audition. Participating in rehearsal last night counts as their audition.

We are progressing on Stone Mountain Stomp and Toccatina very nicely. Students should focus their practice on the second page of Toccatina and developing A Bach Fest. I highly encourage them to bring it to their private lesson and get some help from their private teacher on our music. It is the goal of our ensemble for students to work on the pieces independently during the week so that our rehearsals can be focused on rehearsing the music and getting everyone on the same page. It is not the goal of rehearsals to teach the music measure by measure, but we will of course work on any sections that students are struggling with or aren’t coming together as a group.

I am looking forward to our clinic next week with Mr. Dan Long. We will be spending the first half of our rehearsal working with Mr. Long, and the second half will be a regular rehearsal with me. I know that students will work well with Mr. Long and I look forward to them learning a lot from him. During the clinic with Mr. Long we will be having a little event just for parents. We are calling it “Coffee with your Conductor” and basically it’s a half hour social gathering for parents to spend a little time with each other and me, your child’s orchestra conductor/director. This will take place from 5:30-6:00 PM and all Concert Orchestra parents are welcome to attend. Symphony Orchestra, Winds, Brass, and Percussion parents are invited to meet with Mr. Nix from 8:00-8:30 PM.

If you have any questions about this event or anything else regarding the orchestra rehearsals please let us know and we will be happy to assist you. Thank you and have a great week!


Caitlin Mihalko,
Director, Concert Orchestra

CLICK HERE to download a copy of the orange flyer your student received at rehearsal! Please share this information with your private teacher. Private teachers are also invited to attend the Daniel Long Orchestra Clinic & Coffee with Your Conductor on 11/14 at Clague.


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