November 1 and 2: Important Date Reminders!!!

Next week is an exciting week for the Youth Ensembles!

First Full Symphony Orchestra Rehearsal on Monday, November 2

On Monday, November 2 the Winds/Brass and Percussion will be joining the Advanced Strings at Clague Middle School  (1206 Nixon Rd.) to form the full CMSa2 Youth Symphony.  This is going to be an exciting rehearsal for all students!  During these rehearsals, the symphony will rehearse as a whole, and also have a chance to break out into sectionals as well.

Winds & Brass parents, please drop your child off at Clague rather than CMSa2 on Monday, November 2.  This will be their rehearsal location for the remainder of the term unless otherwise noted.

Percussion Parents, instead of your Thursday evening rehearsal, your children will now be rehearsing on Mondays, but still at Clague.  This is different than the information passed out at the beginning of the term, and I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.  If this is going to be a problem, please let Paige know.

This is the first time we’ve tried out this new format of Youth Ensembles, so bear with us as we work through the logistical kinks!  If you have any questions, please feel free to email Paige at

A2SO Symphony Concert Ticket Reminder

CMSa2’s A2SO Concert Trip is also just around the corner!  Make sure to get your tickets ordered before the deadline!  In case you forgot:

Sunday, November 1:  Online Ticket Order Forms are DUE!

Monday, November 2:  Ticket Money is Due at Rehearsal

We already have 30 tickets requested (!!!), but that includes only 14 total Youth Ensembles students…that’s only 1/3 of our enrolled students!!   We want more students to join us!  We have many parents and family members attending, too, so if you want to bring siblings and spouses, you are more than welcome!

If you want to get the $15 discounted ticket rate (50% off normal ticket price), you must order ahead of time through CMSa2.  Tickets at the door will be full price.  

Please note, the $15 is only for the cost of each ticket.  CMSa2 will cover the cost of the pizza and the events prior to the concert; this is included in your cost of Youth Ensembles.  This is the case for most of our extra activities such as the clinic with Arie Lipsky on November 16 and the February 7 workshop and performance with PROJECT Trio.  These extra opportunities outside of weekly rehearsals and once-a-term performances are what make CMSa2 unique from other programs!

Once the ticket orders have been placed, a blog post/email will be sent out with final information about on Saturday’s events.  It will be a very fun evening.

As always, if you have any questions please email Paige at

Paige and the CMSa2 Team


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