Bring A Buddy… because CMSa2 Students “Play Well With Others”

Good afternoon Youth Ensembles Parents and Students,

Thanks for a stellar first rehearsal this week!  We have a great group of musicians with excellent energy.

If your child had a great time on Monday night, and wants to share their experience with a friend, they are still welcome to BRING A BUDDY to next week’s rehearsal.  This promotion is great for both recruiting new students to our program, but is also great for YOU.  If your child brings a buddy to reheasral, and that buddy joins Youth Ensembles, both you and the buddy get $50 off your tuition, even if you already registered!  (This will come in the form of a credit to your account)  Please encourage your friends to come make music with us at the next rehearsal!

Another way to spread the word and encourage new students to join our program is to show your CMSa2 spirit by ordering a CMSa2 T-SHIRT!

Announcing the CMSa2 T-shirt Design for the 2015-2016 year:

2015 t-shirt design

If you’d like to see the t-shirt color options, click on this link.  Please note, the design featured on the link is not updated and from last summer’s t-shirt.  There are many colors to choose from (black, purple, green, light blue and light green) so you can order multiple t-shirts, too, if you want to expand your wardrobe. 🙂

T-shirt order forms will be available at CMSa2 (1289 Jewett Ave) and at rehearsals on Monday nights at Clague.  T-shirts are $17 each and will be ordered within the next few weeks.

Finally, please remember to complete and return your parent volunteer forms.  If you happened to misplace yours, I will have more available at this Monday’s rehearsal!  We need as many parents on board as possible, so thank you in advance for lending a hand.
As always if you have any questions or concerns, you can email me at

Have a wonderful weekend!

Paige and the CMSa2 Team


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