Mid-Winter Break To-Do’s for Youth Orchestra Program

No Youth Orchestra tonight due to Mid-Winter Break!

HOWEVER, if you’re looking for something to do this week, here are a few awesome options for Youth Orchestra Participants!

1. Work on a poster for the poster/program competition! Here are the deets:
The winning design of this competition will be featured on the cover of the Spring Youth Orchestra Program, and also on our poster for the event. Poster due April 14th.

Please put the following information beneath or in the design:
Spring Youth Orchestra Concert

Saturday, May 10, 3pm
at the Michigan Theater
General Admission $5, Students Free
(Student Signature)

Please put the following information on the back of the design:
Printed Name

Below are the designs from the fall term:

Mara Poster (2)Sophie Poster (2)

2. For YSO, listen to these important pieces:
Tchaikovsky Marche Slave
Sibelius Symphony no. 2 Finale
Bizet Prelude to Carmen

3. For SSO, please be practicing your music and make sure to have it in a 1” binder by Monday! Also, check out this cool video of a violinist playing The Avengers!

4. Sign up for a FREE MIX Group Class @ AA-SPA:
March 2nd RSVP Here
March 30th RSVP Here
May 4th RSVP Here
May 25th RSVP Here


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